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Corinthos, Mycenae & Nafplio – The Eastern Peloponnes

Again we were chasing the sun so after a short visit of the Acrocorinthos a not so ancient fortress and quite big, the next stop we made in ancient Mycenae. Heinrich Schliemann discovered the remains of the old Mycenae culture here in 1886 and started the excavations. The ruins are pretty old and ruined to the ground, just the impressive entrance gate and the tombs have been restored to get a glimpse of its past beauty.

More information on Mycenae:

And we did see the sun came out when we arrived in Nafplio, a pretty sweet old city and great fortresses can be visited, as they are already closing at 15h in wintertime we just had a stroll through town, half of the businesses and hotels are closed, definitely the touristy season we’re travelling…

Still we had a good time and a lovely chat with a t-shirt printer and a bartender 😉

Athens – Home of the Acropolis

After 2 years I went again on a trip with my friend Eric, I met in Jordan and we already travelled Thailand and Cambodia together. So this time we decided on Greece.

We met in Athens and went straight to the Acropolis, literally meaning high city, to see the ancient remains of the big temple called Parthenon and all its surrounding structures, the buildings were destroyed a couple of times by different cultures but always rebuild, for more information go to

The grandness of the remains as well as the lookouts from above are quite spectacular, you get a proper idea on how big Athens was and now, with all the suburbs, is growing bigger and bigger.

Thailand – Same same…but different

With Eric, the catalan I met in Jordan three times I went to Thailand, first time properly asia for me, but supposed to be a nice start, everyone was saying, so we started in Bangkok and after the tempels and the royal palace we went to the former capital of the country called Ayutthaya.
More temples to be seen over here, but it felt really nice!

Further we went north to Chiang Mai to celebrate Thai New Year called Songkran, a water splashing festival, 3 days you definitely et wet when walking the streets – we had our fun 😉

Also we did a trip to the tallest mountain in the country called doi inthanon, on more than 2.300 meters the temperature is perfect with 15 degrees, Thais are freezing, we finally can breath after all the heat and humidity, normal to the country.

Next leg is down south, with a domestic flight we go to Ko Lanta, a very laid back island with beautiful beaches and a small national park and we even went further to Ko Rok, a tiny island in the national park with actual dragons living there, very impressing! And the waters just splendid!

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