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I got robbed…by a monkey

I wanted to escape the beat of the capital city, being in kathmandu, enjoying the last couple of days in nepal. the streets are dusty, you see a lot of face masks, still some cars and bikes are rolling through the narrow lanes of the old city although the petrol is still not running (big cues at each and every petrol pump), now also the gas delivery has stopped so people get back to wood fires for cooking food – you can imagine how the air feels, so i went to breath deeply in the surrounding forest of the swayambhunath temple, also known as monkey temple – i couldn’t enter the compound, a british film crew was shooting a movie/series and the site was closed off.

so i was sitting between the trees, away from the big stairs sipping my delicious mixed fruit juice i just bought, putting it aside and rolling a cigarette. in the meantime a monkey was coming close in stealth mode – i didn’t notice, just as he got close enough, everything happened in fractions of a second, first i was shocked by surprise, damn a monkey, he used my moment and got even closer, grabbed the pack of juice and went 2 leaps back! i thought to myself what was this just now, i want to drink that juice. getting up, approaching the clever little mamal, of course he escaped just to the next tree, sitting at a secure height, starting to rip open the pack and drinking it’s delicious content, delightful in front of my eyes. i couldn’t do anything, just to watch – a bit angry though…


in the end i smiled and bought a new juice on my way down, so the monkey is happy and I’m too!

i got run over by a cow!!!

as i was just making my way to the market through the narrow lanes as it happened a motorcycle was parked to the right at a wall of a house, a cow just made it’s way towards me, leaving no space in between the wall of the opposite house, so we’re talking 1,50 m width of the small alley.
when cows walk they nod their heads left and right taking each step after another, slowly. so i was not that sure whether to stand on the right or the left to let the cow pass the obstacle so i could proceed, a couple of people already in the back waiting for the cow to pass and i was the first one in line.
all of a sudden the cow lowered his head and started to run towards me with his horns directly targeting my guts!!!
within a glimpse of i second i needed to react and i did consciously, i stepped back and used both of my hands to push it’s head towards the right, made a step forward with my left leg and passed the cow, people were laughing behind me but i was happy to dissolve that moment so easily.
Now when i think about it, it all goes bag to the bagua zhang course i had in berlin, we trained defensive movements to eliminate sudden attacks in no time!

i’m still alive and so is the cow 🙂

check that picture here, so you see how narrow the alley are, the scooter could not pass the cow as there was not enough space20151009_125415

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