After a 7 hour layover in Delhi and a short stroll around the ruins of qutb minar and it’s adject archeological park i found myself in another huge indian city with muslim history: Hyderabad.

This summer i met Shabarish in berlin, a good friend of Bene. He invited me to visit his hometown once I’m in india, so here I am and I got taken in the group as if I’d be livin’ here for ages.
Not that much touristy tings to do, instead we went from rooftop to rooftop, from bars to restaurants, from private houses to clubs and from weddings to parties. A lot of things happened the last weeks…

My first encounter to roof top parties in the city was Diwali night, one of the brightest and most important hindu festivals celebrated all over the country. during the day prayers will be held in the family, the entrance doors will be kept open to welcome Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity. When the sun goes down a storm of fireworks, crackers, howlers and deafening blasts of hydrogen bombs sweep through town – lasting for 6 hours easily. Spending/loosing money on that night and the following days is considered auspicious as it means good luck, so we played poker 🙂
the fireworks are 10 times more intense as on German new year celebrations, but as i was told the intensity already decreased in recent years, with air pollution being a major issue on that night.

Even at night when the sounds level of the outside black powder rage was ceasing i still could hear the sounds in my ear, good night and happy diwali!